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Complete Me: A Novel - J. Kenner An enjoyable read.

The Ghosts Of Ashbury High

The Ghosts of Ashbury High - Jaclyn Moriarty Sorry about that, but this style of writing is simply not for me. Everyone else seems enamoured but apparently either I am incredibly old fashioned and out of it, or older than the target audience and more demanding of a cohesive, non-cobbled-together format. I do admit however that for those who can tolerate the style, the story is interesting; and no doubt it takes a great deal of talent to write in this style.All the same, I'd like to see the author write in a more conventional style. But then again, that's just me.
Crap Towns: The 50 Worst Places to Live in the UK - Sam Jordison;Dan Kieran Great waste of money. Perhaps when it was published 10 yrs ago it would have been more pertinent, but now, so many years on, not so much.
Smithsonian Handbooks: Rocks & Minerals (Smithsonian Handbooks) - Chris Pellant Seriously useful reference book for identifying and learning about rocks and minerals. Excellent color photos with detailed information and descriptions. A useful book and educational.
McCoy Pottery - Mark F. Moran Great reference book for collectors of McCoy pottery; convenient purse size.

Midnight Secrets: The Wildefire Series

Midnight Secrets - Ella Grace I received this book as an Advanced Reader Copy from Library Thing. Midnight Secrets was an OK read; a bathtub read; a beach read; a waiting room read. I enjoyed the characters well enough and the story was decent My main problem was that the resolution of the mystery seemed forced and wound up in a few pages just to end the book, and to me, didn't read true.All the same, this book is a promising beginning to a trilogy.
Haven of Obedience - Marina Anderson I have never previously read a book with so many sex scenes which was incredibly dull. There was no fire, no excitement, no nothing; in fact, I found myself skipping forward in the book, over said scenes, to get to the end of the book and finish. The characters were one dimensional and very stereotypical; strong successful woman always in charge, sexy guy determined to change her. Seen one, seen them all.I'm not certain why it was such a disappointment, but it really didn't fire my imagination in any way. And the end was just foolish. Books should be believable within their own sphere, so to speak, and this one just wasn't.
The Essential Handbook of Victorian Etiquette - Thomas E. Hill Life is much more simple now in some respects, but the defined relationships and behavior patterns of the past have something to be said for them. While I would not want to return to the stultifying Victorian age as a woman, given the limited options available to females, the formal, courteous and thoughtful ways of the time have something nice about them. But of course, all these nice manners, and nice they are, were for the upper class people who had the time and money to live the lives as described. The "regular" people lived at much simpler and less formal level, and probably enjoyed it more (money aside).
The Dish (Vol 13 #4) - HLCCA Women Workers in Homer Laughlin Pottery - The Early YearsSummer Southwestern TablesDover, Colonial White, White Dover, Monticello
Collier's Magazine - Charles Colebaugh Fascinating look at the times, 1944, as WWII was drawing to an end. Fashions, food, and war.
Quilting Arts (04) - Patricia Chatham Bolton One of the best issues.
Ornament (25#4) - Carolyn L.E. Benesh Beautiful
Good Housekeeping Magazine, August, 1915 - Various Fascinating look into life at the beginning of the 20th century.

Illustrated London News Coronation Ceremony

Illustrated London News Coronation Ceremony - Various Beautiful.
Simple Aerodynamics and the Airplane - Charles N. Monteith Absolutely fascinating discussion of fundamental aerodynamics and flight, prepared by an office of the Air Services, U.S. Army.

Somerset Studio (07/1)

Somerset Studio (07/1) - Jenny Doh, Sherilyn Miller Cloisonne Medallions